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Schedule a SAGE Advising Appointment

After attending the information session, you will be given a link to fill out a SAGE Advising Form which will be used during your advising appointment. Click here to request a SAGE advising appointment after you attend an information session and complete the advising form. 

The purpose of your advising appointment is to discuss your goals for this experience and receive information on programs appropriate to your academic interests. You don't have to come already prepared for a particular program but prior to your appointment, you may want to begin thinking about:
  • the subjects you would like to study while away – electives in your major, general education requirements or electives towards graduation in other areas of interest;
  • the type of experience you seek — cultural immersion, language acquisition, enhancement of your major, thesis research, fieldwork, service-learning, internships, or access to a wide range of courses at a university;
  • any questions, concerns, or special circumstances you want to discuss.
At the appointment, you will be directed to program options where you could have the experience you are seeking and a list of Scripps students who have completed the programs that interest you. Program alumni are some of the best resources for learning more about the day to day experience. 

Some factors to consider as you move forward in the process:
  • plan to complete the required language courses and any other prerequisites for particular programs;
  • discuss options with your faculty adviser, faculty in your prospective major department, and the faculty who have reviewed the programs that interest you;
  • to learn more about various locations, talk to former program participants, attend the Country Chats, and try to meet some of the international students from the host region who are studying here in Claremont;
  • consider the support needed for your success and whether accommodations received in Claremont are available in the program location including: on-going health-related treatment, accessibility of medications, whether dietary needs can be accommodated, availability of comparable academic accommodations, mobility requirements (some programs include extensive trekking, camping, etc. and some locations may have accessibility challenges where early planning may be useful);
  • discuss your plans with your family and direct them to the SAGE website;
  • meet with program representatives who visit Scripps, typically at a table in Seal Court during lunch or at the virtual SAGE Fair in the fall;
After narrowing down your program options
  • research the location to learn about the culture, history, economy, politics, health conditions, weather, gender roles and expectations, etc.;
  • follow an online newspaper from your chosen destination to become familiar with current events;
  • and once you have decided on a destination, you should continue becoming familiar with the culture where you will be spending a semester by reading novels written by authors from the host country, view films from the region, and consult travel books, particularly narratives and journals of travelers of similar identities.