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Complete the Program Sponsor Application

Students will also complete the application to the specific program after submitting the Scripps application to SAGE. Consult with a SAGE adviser about the most appropriate timing for this step in the process.  Note:
  • Make sure to check the deadlines for the program you have selected.  Most program sponsor applications are due around October for programs in the following spring, and in March for the following fall. But there are always exceptions, for example, the deadline for programs at Oxford are in early January for the following year.
  • Some programs have rolling admissions and may fill up early. Check with a SAGE adviser about the best timing for completing an application the program you have chosen. 
  • It doesn't always make sense to apply too early for some programs. Once you are offered a space on a program, students typically have ten days or two weeks to accept a place.  Once a student accepts a place with the program sponsor, students will be liable for the non-refundable deposit if withdrawing after confirming with the program sponsor.  Students do not have to pay this deposit up front, Scripps will either guarantee it on their behalf or make the payment to the program sponsor.  If a student withdraws at any time after committing to a program, the non-refundable deposit amount will be charged to the Sircripps student account.