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Summer Programs

How do I apply for a summer program?

The SAGE office staff is happy to provide any information we have on summer study abroad but Scripps College does not evaluate, endorse or provide financial aid for summer programs. If you plan to enroll in a summer program administered by an accredited U.S. institution of higher education, the registrar will evaluate the course(s) for transfer credit upon receipt of an official transcript under the same policies for transfer credit from a US college or university.  Students apply independent of Scripps College.

Summer programs offered by the sponsors of some of the COSA approved semester programs are likely to be eligible for transfer credit. Credit accepted by transfer can count towards graduation electives but the course titles and grades do not appear on the official Scripps transcript and grades are not included in a student's cumulative GPA.  Students considering other summer programs are strongly advised to consult the registrar before applying to understand whether transfer credit is possible. The SAGE office has some brochures for summer programs available for the taking.

Although Scripps does not offer financial aid funding for summer programs, some organizations  and in some cases the US government may offer their own grants and scholarships. Additional scholarships for summer programs may have deadlines in late fall or very early spring, so pursue these opportunities early.  Check out the SAGE study abroad funding page for those sources that are possible for summer programs.