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Cost of SAGE Participation

What is the cost of participating in a Study Abroad and Global Education (SAGE) semester program at Scripps College?

There is one cost for a Scripps education and students pay the same comprehensive semester fees (including tuition, room, board and student fees) whether staying on campus or studying on a SAGE program during the academic year. Students are required to apply to Scripps first and be approved by the Committee on Study Abroad (COSA) prior to participating on a semester program and remain enrolled as a full-time student at Scripps during participation. Students must pay Scripps comprehensive charges regardless of study site or program costs in order to receive Scripps academic credit. Students who study away for a full year pay the comprehensive Scripps fees each semester.  Financial aid, with the exception of work-study awards, is applied to the fees charged for SAGE participation. Students are encouraged to apply for any program sponsored scholarships or grants as these will reduce the amount to be paid to the College.

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