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What Do All the Acronyms Mean?

Many study abroad organizations are known by their initials. Just as Scripps College is fond of using acronyms for various campus offices and organizations, there is a whole new vocabulary of acronyms SAGE uses when discussing the Scripps approved programs. This is a list of the most common acronyms of our partner organizations (and some have retained a previous acronym even though the actual program name has changed):
  • ACTR/ACCELS: American Councils for International Education
  • AU: American University
  • CET: CET Academic Programs
  • CIEE: Council on International and Educational Exchange
  • DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia
  • ICADS: Institute for Central American Development Studies
  • IFE: (Internships in Francophone Europe) French Field Study and Internship Programs
  • LSE: London School of Economics and Political Studies
  • IFSA: Institute for Study Abroad
  • ICCS: Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies
  • IES: Institute for the International Education of Students
  • NUS: National University Singapore
  • SACI: Studio Arts College International
  • SIT: School for International Training
  • SFS: School for Field Studies
  • UAL: University of the Arts London