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When to participate

When do most students participate?

The majority of Scripps students study away during their junior year; in fact, nearly 60% of the junior class participates in study abroad or semester internship programs each year. By petition to COSA, qualified second-semester sophomores have received approval to participate, however, some programs require junior level standing for acceptance. It is difficult to study away during senior year due to seminar and thesis requirements but if the major department and thesis requirements allow it, students may petition to participate as a first-semester senior.

Fall vs. Spring

There are factors that may make one semester more appropriate than the other but most students could study away either semester.  Things you may want to consider include:
  • Academic matters - is there a required class or something you have always wanted to take that is only offered in one semester in Claremont, then the other semester may be your best bet.
  • Preparation - spring participation allows extra time to complete program requirements, particularly in languages where a 100 level course is required.
  • Commitments and events on campus - students involved in team sports may want to participate in the off-season, or students who are involved in clubs or organizations on campus may want to be in Claremont for the organization's signature campus event.
  • Interesting opportunities abroad - consider the timing to participate in interesting cultural holidays (Divali, Christmas markets, Lunar New Year, Carnival, etc.) or to attend annual concerts or events that appeal to your interests (opera season, soccer season, etc.) 
  • Weather - maybe you want to avoid the more extreme climates in certain seasons, or you plan to pursue warm weather or cold weather activities (snow-skiing in winter, snorkeling in spring)
  • When are your friends going? The most common reason that students select one semester over another is to be away at the same time as their friends or significant other.  While students pick the individual program that is best for their interests, some find it hard if all their friends are away one semester and they go abroad in a different semester. That means a whole year away from your friends but, on the other hand, absence truly can make the heart grow fonder and great friendships easily survive separation through the many ways to stay connected in the digital age.