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FAQs for Financial Aid and SAGE

If I am on financial aid and/or receiving merit scholarships, are these funds available when away?

As long as you are approved by the Committee on Study Abroad (COSA), pay Scripps comprehensive fees and enroll full-time in an approved semester program, the scholarship awards, grants and loans you receive can be used for study away.  Work study is a federal program and the awards are only possible while on an approved campus in the United States. Veterans benefits can only apply to programs in the US. However, you may be able to work additional hours on campus before or after the semester away to earn a larger portion of the funds you are eligible for over the full year. Consult the Financial Aid Office for full details on any of your financial aid questions.

Are there any other sources of funding designated for study abroad?

Students are encouraged to pursue all funding resources, including possible merit and need-based financial assistance offered by the program sponsor, a factor to be considered when choosing between programs.  There are other scholarships specific to study abroad through the US government, other organizations and host country governments. Discuss this with the SAGE staff in your individual advising appointment.  Deadlines are often a semester in advance of the program dates so check early.  We have gathered information on other sources of funding under the Resources link on the SAGE page, accessible to Scripps students by log-in. Let us know if you learn of others so we can add this for future students.

How can I learn what my Financial Aid Award will be in the semester I plan to participate in SAGE?

For students who apply for SAGE in the sophomore year to participate in their junior year, the Office of Financial Aid can prepare an Early Financial Aid Estimate for you if you think your aid eligibility may change in 2023-2024 and you want to be sure before you commit. Submit your FAFSA and CSS Profile on/after October 1, 2022.
  • Submit your 2021 Tax Returns and Supporting Documents
  • Contact the Office of Financial Aid to Make an Appointment to Meet with FAO Staff.
  • Final awards for 2023-2024 won’t be released until after the end of the Spring 2023 semester, but an Early Estimate can help better understand what aid you can anticipate.
Scripps students participating on SAGE programs remain eligible for financial aid with the exception of college work-study funds. Do consult with the Financial Aid Office regarding your aid.