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What is covered by the fees paid to Scripps?

Payment of the Scripps comprehensive semester fee covers:
  • Tuition for up to 16 semester units per semester which is equivalent to 4 course credits at Scripps. Note: students are required to enroll in a minimum of 15 semester units equivalent to 3.75 course credits at Scripps. To maintain eligibility for financial aid and for immigration requirements of the host country, students may not drop below the equivalent of 3 Scripps classes, or 12 semester units.
  • Double room accommodation and board – housing and meal arrangements vary by program and expenses are covered either by an allowance provided to the student or direct payment to the program sponsor;
  • Round-trip student airfare reimbursement to the study site for the dates of the program (flights are arranged through a college designated travel agency and students must obtain pre-approval of fares if students wish to make their own arrangements. Scripps does not cover one way tickets,  
  • Program orientation workshops,
  • Accident and medical insurance coverage while abroad through the mandatory international medical insurance required by the program,
  • Study or field trip fee if a mandatory part of a class that has been pre-approved by Scripps faculty to fulfill a major, minor or general education requirement.  To fulfill a requirement, the class must carry at least three semester credits (.75 of a Scripps course).  Up to two mandatory trip fees per student may be covered.  Optional trips are the responsibility of the student for payment,
  • The cost of administering SAGE at Scripps including the services of various other offices.