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Billing Information for SAGE Participants

Tuition and fee billing for participation in the SAGE program is similar to what students studying on campus experience.  The billing statement is available on your student’s CASHNet portal on or after December 10 for spring programs and on or after July 10 for fall programs.  

When students participate in SAGE semester programs, their billing statement will show charges for Scripps Tuition and a SAGE Participation Fee. The SAGE Participation Fee is equal to the total of the single semester charges for campus housing, plus the 16 Meal Plan, and the Student Body Fee. The amount charged for tuition remains the same for students participating on SAGE programs or studying on campus.  For more information on the amount for these charges, see the information on fees on the Student Accounts web site. For some tax purposes, the billing statement reports tuition separate from the other fees rather than as one comprehensive lump sum. All students pay the same fee to participate in SAGE no matter which program they choose.  

Most students experience the same total fees for studying in a SAGE program as studying in Claremont. However, if your student had previously selected a different meal plan, or did not live on campus, you may experience a change in total charges. If your student is receiving a Scripps College scholarship or grant, those amounts should be credited to the student account on the first bill. Federal and state grants and loans cannot be credited to student accounts until after the first statement. These awards should appear on your first billing statement as “Pending Aid/Loan.”

The calculation of your amount due will reflect all charges and as credits for actual and pending Scripps, federal or state aid. SAGE program participants are not eligible to earn Federal Work-Study when studying off-campus and Veterans Benefits are only eligible to apply to programs in the US. Accordingly, the Office of Financial Aid, should have already removed this award from your financial aid package for the semester to allow you to access additional federal student loans, if needed. Students who receive a book stipend award as part of their financial aid package, will have a check mailed to their home before the start of the semester at Scripps.

If your student has received a scholarship from a SAGE program sponsor, that scholarship will credit to the student account in a later billing cycle, once SAGE receives the invoice from the program sponsor that documents the amount of the award. Most invoices arrive in time to include this amount before the second invoice but a few programs take longer to bill us.
If you have previously used the Scripps Monthly Payment Plan to settle your student’s bill, you may continue to do so while your student is a SAGE participant.  If you have questions about financial aid and scholarships please contact the Office of Financial Aid directly

The program costs covered by the SAGE Participation Fee include:
  • housing in a standard double room or whatever is considered standard by the program;
  • meals when classes are in session;
  • health insurance plan mandated by the program for medical coverage in the host country;
  • a round trip airfare arranged through the Scripps approved travel agency between the major international airport nearest the student's home and the program location; and
  • the cost of administering the SAGE program at Scripps including financial aid and the services of the other offices involved in supporting a student's participation.
Students are responsible for any extra fees when:
  • requesting a single room; or other non-standard housing arrangements;
  • travel on alternate dates that vary from the program dates - if that results in higher fares, students are responsible for the difference in cost;
  • the fare difference for alternate routing if that results in additional charges;
  • changing an airline ticket after purchase - students are responsible for all change fees and additional fares resulting from the change;
  • traveling on a one way ticket - NOTE: One-way airfares are not advised – they may cause problems with immigration screening and result in being denied entry. Any student who chooses to travel on a one way ticket will be responsible for the price of the return ticket;
  • bringing more than one checked bag and one carry-on item and for luggage over the airline weight allowance;
  • signing up for any policy upgrades or add-ons to international medical and accident insurance. NOTE: Students are required to maintain their US health coverage during the entire time they are enrolled at Scripps, whether abroad or in Claremont.
Room and board arrangements on SAGE programs differ depending on the program. For most programs, Scripps pays housing fees directly to the program provider. For many programs, a meal allowance will be provided for students to prepare some or all of their own meals if not already covered by the program and in rare cases a housing allowance if required to arrange their own housing. Once all required pre-departure forms are completed, students receive a check for these allowances. Students will be notified of their allowance amount(s) and checks will be mailed to the home address (in early August for fall participants and mid to late December for spring participants). We use the student's home address as verified by the student. If a different address is preferred, please send the address information to as soon as possible.

If you receive a bill from the program provider with charges for tuition or room and board, do not pay these fees. Instead, forward the invoice to the SAGE email address. If you receive a bill from a program provider, for other fees (e.g., refundable housing deposits, single room charges, visa or residence permit fees, optional field trips, group flight charges, optional additional insurance, etc.), these expenses are the responsibility of the student and should be paid directly to the program sponsor or other vendor. If you are unclear whether you are responsible for paying a fee directly to Scripps or to the program, contact the SAGE office for more information.