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Applicant Step by Step SAGE Guide

First Year - Consider Options

  • When meeting with your Scripps faculty adviser(s), let them know of your interest in participating on a SAGE program and discuss the best way to include a semester away in your academic plans.
  • Investigate eligibility requirements (e.g. language prerequisites, academic preparation, GPA) and plan to fit in appropriate coursework.
  • As you explore potential majors/minors, take advantage of faculty office hours and discuss how SAGE participation might best fit with a particular major.
  • Attend the annual SAGE Fair in the fall semester to meet with program representatives visiting campus, virtually or in person, and learn more about the wide range of program options. 
  • There is no rush, it is best to get well settled into your college life first, and when you are ready, attend a SAGE Information Session. This is mandatory first step on the path to a SAGE program. The session is an information packed overview of things to consider in your planning. 

Sophomore Year - Decide and Apply

  • If you haven't done so yet, attend a SAGE Information Session early in sophomore year to get started in the process. Information sessions are offered weekly throughout the semester. Watch the Announcements box on this site for dates and times.
  • Make an appointment to meet with a SAGE adviser.
  • Research program options, talk to Scripps students 
  • Apply in the fall of sophomore year to participate in the fall of junior year - in the spring of sophomore year to study away in spring of junior year.
  • Check out the Program representatives occasionally visit campus; watch for them outside the dining hall or at the SAGE Fair that happens each fall.
  • Students participating in fall of junior year will complete acceptance paperwork and have a mandatory orientation session at Scripps before the end of the spring semester. 

Junior Year - Prepare and Participate

  • Students should monitor their Scripps email while abroad to be notified of important matters for their return - pre-registration for the following semester, room selection process, opportunities for summer research or internship funding, fellowships, etc.
  • Students participating in spring of junior year will complete acceptance paperwork and have a mandatory orientation session at Scripps before the end of the fall semester. 
  • Before departing from your study abroad location, be sure to arrange for your program transcript to be sent to the SAGE office at Scripps College. 
  • Make contacts for future fellowship applications, a reference from a faculty member abroad can enhance your application.

Senior Year - Reflect and Look to the Future

  • Complete the program evaluation - this is important for the ongoing review of approved programs and for the potential approval for previously petitioned programs;
  • Apply for fellowships for after graduation for additional international experiences.
  • Visit Career Planning and Resources to update your resume to highlight the skills you developed while abroad.